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I understand that the screening done by Dyslexia Pros will NOT qualify my child for Special Education in the public school system. This screening is the first part of the full testing process.

Dyslexia Pros’ screening report will include a clear action plan describing what type of private tutoring my child will need as well as recommended classroom accommodations.

Dyslexia Pros does not accept medical insurance as payment for screening.
I will pay for the screening personally. The written screening report will not be released until the final payment has been received.

$500 will be charge to the credit card provided on the day of the screening. A late fee of $25 will be applied to any late payments.

Dyslexia Pros has our permission to share the screening information with Nathan Thompson, PsyD. Dr. Thompson will conduct further dyslexia testing if you wish to pursue the rest of the diagnostic testing.

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